Sunday, October 2, 2011

Kapuso Mo, Jessico Soho Feature

Those who missed the HARANA.PH feature on GMA7 on Oct. 1, 2011 - here's a video of it. I couldn't get the actual one yet, but here's one I found online so the quality may be a little low. But, still good to watch. Enjoy :)

Thank you to the Jessica Soho production team, we got a lot of hits after the feature. For those wanting a serenade, please contact us!

Friday, April 15, 2011

A Harana from Across the Miles recently serenaded JhaJha Fernandez (Las Pinas) from her husband Krystler, who is currently all the way out there in Canada, for their 1st wedding anniversary. We sent Vince Alaras, former Southborder frontman to do the harana. It was another successful surprise! We are hoping that will become a virtual conduit for Filipinos living overseas to send their loving messages through song to their relatives and families here in the Philippines. Here are some photos!

Vince Alaras of Southborder sings for Jhajha.

 Vince, Jhajha and Nanun

Jhajha and officemates with the team

For more photos, kindly check our Facebook fanpage photos.  Click here for more photos!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Exciting Times for!

We had an extremely fruitful and stimulating meeting for HARANA.PH together with the awesome partners this afternoon, and I must say, exciting times are at hand. Being the first and only professional serenade service in the industry has its perks - you get to constantly goof around with all of these creative, bizarre ideas being thrown at the table by crazy people, and no one can compare you to anyone. If all things go smoothly and as planned (I hope), you will definitely hear more about us, more people will be kilig by us and more people around the country will be feeling the love and pleasantly surprised by a simple pinoy tradition we locally call "harana", done the HARANA.PH way. Yup, the work ahead is challenging, but we love what we do, we are artists by nature, and we certainly love shocking people (seriously, some of us don't even call this WORK). I still remember our first harana , where we serenaded Jane from her husband Albert. That really started it all. I got so inspired and hyped up about it, I even sent my own wife a harana during our 3rd year anniversary. Seeing her cry out of happiness (and embarrassment hehe) made me realize that, hey wait a minute, this thing could really grow into something people are going to talk about. Hmm.. hopefully it's not because ABS-CBN artist Guji Lorenzana serenaded for her and made her think why I couldn't be as good looking as that (joke!). Then inquiries started coming in trickles, and finally, created its first marriage proposal for Ronald and Kimika (of course it was a "YES!"). After guesting in Umagang Kay Ganda the day before Valentine's day of this year, was the domino effect for us. From serenading at the Senate from Sen. Ralph Recto , to more marriage proposals , and doing haranas late at night , we decided to make HARANA.PH grow in a big way, and to promote world peace while we are at it. I urge everyone to check out our Facebook video page for more of our serenades. They're not all perfect, but they will be.

As we move forward to becoming a company with global clients (we would love to service our overseas Filipino workers to send something more than imported chocolates to their loved ones here; and of course, our foreign friends - Check out a recent video here of a harana from overseas -A Birthday Harana @ Gloria Jeans ) and nationwide recipients (Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao! - went all the way to Baguio City on this video - Harana@ Cafe by the Ruins ). Sending your love will also have no time-barriers, as we can do surprises 24 by 7, but hopefully you won't make us get your grandmother out of her bed at midnight. We have ninety artists and musicians waiting to serenade your loved ones (and our family is growing rapidly!). The HARANA.PH giftshop, which we plan to launch very very soon, will allow you to send just about anything to your loved ones in the Philippines (yes, even lechon manok).

As we learn from our inevitable mistakes, make radical changes and improvements, innovate, and perfect our element of surprise, HARANA.PH will not only deliver the only service of its kind, but also the best. This year will usher in the best artists, best musicians, best talent and best "surprise" specialists, to make sure that every single event we do for our clients is a special one. We will turn HARANA.PH into something we Filipinos can be proud of. A one of its kind business, a one of its kind service, a one of its kind tradition. Truly Pinoy. We do this all for the glory of our God.

Thank you for all the support. Share the love! God bless you all.

Jason dela Rosa
Founder, HARANA.PH Artists at SMX Center

Recently, four great artists who are supporting HARANA.PH visited the SMX Event Center where they serenaded the crowd at CPI/ABS-CBN's booth. The audience had great fun listening to the love tunes of THOR, Vince Alaras, Aliya Parcs and Nyoy Volante , taking advantage of the photo opportunity as well. Hats off to fantastic HARANA.PH guitarists Nanun de Borja and Philip Queyquep. We would also like to give our heartfelt thanks to Mark Yambot and CPI's team, and also to our HARANA.PH artists. Great show! The following are videos we took during the event. Enjoy! Other videos will be posted soon as well.

Vince Alaras (former Southborder frontman)

Nyoy Volante

THOR (Voice of Soul)

Aliya Parcs

Friday, April 8, 2011 Featured on Kabuhayang Swak na Swak was recently featured at ABS-CBN show, Kabuhayang Swak na Swak, where we discuss how a pinoy tradition was brought back to life. Watch the video of our latest feature here! at SMX

HARANA.PH serenaded the crowd at ABS-CBN/CPI booth at the SMX. ( Phil Cable T.V. Assoc. Exh & Convention 2011 ). Artists who sang during the event were Aliya Parcs, Voice of Soul THOR, Former Southborder frontman Vince Alaras, and Nyoy Volante. Everyone enjoyed the "harana"! 

For more photos, you can visit our facebook page at 

Saturday, April 2, 2011

A great start for

It's been only a few months since we started What a great kick-off! Although we haven't really officially launched the site to the public, we've already made several couples and families happy, through our professional serenade and surprise service. It seems that from our little idea of turning a romantic pinoy tradition into a humble service is slowly transforming into something huge - and here at, we are truly excited about it. Who knew? It was just one of those little ideas you talk about with your friends over lunch- but now we have over 90 artists and musicians, an overwhelming online response, and going nationwide.

By the way, for those who don't know anything about, please go to our website ( or watch a sample of our work below.

Who knows, someday, you might need us :) We're ready for your idea. Watch out for!